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Our attorneys are frequently requested by clients to conduct investigations regarding employment-related matters, both as independent investigators as well as investigations for purposes of providing legal advice.  Our attorneys work with clients to develop an appropriate scope of investigation to avoid mission drift, identify and preserve relevant documents (including electronically-stored information) and conduct witness interviews with both probity and discretion.  

In addition, our attorneys also prepare detailed investigation reports, including providing thoughtful practical advice when investigations are done for purposes of providing advice.  Further, we also take appropriate measures to preserve the attorney-client privilege unless it is determined, at the outset, that the investigation will be conducted on a non-privileged basis.


Below are samples of investigations undertaken by Laner Muchin attorneys:

Investigations of numerous internal harassment discrimination and/or retaliation claims made by employees across numerous industries and government entities.

Investigations of alleged financial impropriety by employees which may require the utilization of tax experts for purposes of assessing the significance of the allegations as well as associated factual findings

Investigations of workplace sexual assault claims

Investigations of internal complaints of wage and hour laws

Irrespective of the nature of the investigation, our attorneys work diligently to uncover the facts our clients need in order to understand the magnitude of the problem they face and develop solutions.  Clients who retain us to conduct investigations are frequently able to manage and resolve often highly sensitive matters without litigation and with minimal business disruption.

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